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Everyone Gets a Corner Square of Buddy’s New Detroit-Style Pizza

  • To prevent family spats, Buddy’s Pizza, originator of Detroit-style pizza, has unveiled the new All-Corner 8-Square Pizza.
  • The pizza will start at $22.99 and is offered at all Buddy’s locations for a limited time.

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After 76 years of families battling over who gets the coveted caramelized corner piece of a Buddy’s Pizza pie, the Detroit-style pizza originator has introduced the All-Corner 8-Square Pizza so no one misses out.

The new menu offering is made with the same recipe Buddy’s customers know and love but enhanced for corner aficionados, the company said. It boasts eight corner pieces in the classic Detroit style and will sell for $22.99, with an additional $2 per topping at all Buddy’s Pizza locations for a limited time.

Fans of Detroit-style pizza know the corners are the best part. And no one makes a Detroit-style pizza like Buddy’s, where the style was invented in 1946. Using a square blue-steel pan borrowed from the auto industry, Buddy’s founder Gus Guerra, along with friend and employee Concetta “Connie” Piccinato, made the first Detroit-style pie with Wisconsin brick cheese and stripes of classic sauce on top, introducing the world to a brand-new shape of flavor.

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The crispy, cheesy edges of Buddy’s Pizza soon became famous and, unlike other pizza crusts that are sometimes readily discarded, the Detroit-style corner crust is sought after and fought over.

In recent years, the Detroit style has spread faster than a Motown hit song, as chains specializing in the square pizza keep revving up across the country. Not everyone uses the blue-steel pans—they’re not always easy to find—and pizzaioli have added their own twists to the recipe in recent years. Even Pizza Hut hopped onboard with the trend last year, debuting a Detroit-style pie that the chain touted as its “biggest launch for 2021.”

But there’s no question that Buddy’s remains the gold standard of Detroit-style pizza. Earlier this year, Buddy’s spearheaded a nationwide celebration of National Detroit-Style Pizza Day on June 23, with 10 likeminded pizzerias joining in the fun while donating a portion of their sales to local nonprofits.

“Buddy’s Pizza is Michigan’s neighborhood pizzeria, so we always consider our loyal customers when creating new menu items,” said Buddy’s Pizza Chief Brand Officer Wes Pikula. “Our guests have passionately professed their love for the corner slices since the start of Buddy’s. We’re excited to add the All-Corner 8-Square to our menu, bringing peace to our pizza lovers and hopefully defusing a few family spats over who gets the corner piece!”