Buddy Reminder System Added to Dickson Compliance-Max Calibrations

For Immediate Release


(  Restaurant managers using data loggers or chart recorders to ensure food storage and serving areas temperature and humidity stay in acceptable ranges can now get added protection from Dickson Compliance-Max™ calibrations combined with a Buddy System signup in the Dickson Calibration Club.  Compliance-Max calibrations combined with a Calibration Club Buddy System designee affords a liability-proof means to demonstrate that instruments retain original operating specifications and that standard operating procedures ensure they do.

Dickson Compliance-Max is the calibration method recommended for full regulatory compliance and to maintain the highest quality standards. Compliance-Max calibrations (a.k.a. Dickson N450) are A2LA-accredited NIST-Traceable 3-point calibrations that include both before and after calibration data.

Dickson’s Calibration Club is an automatic calibration reminder service for NIST-certified instruments of calibration schedules that must be followed to keep data loggers and chart recorders operating at original specifications.

The new Buddy System option allows enrollees to include a co-worker for backup calibration reminders.  The Calibration Club Buddy System anticipates changing job roles, off-site assignments, vacation schedules and similar workplace events that might make it difficult for the primary Calibration Club enrollee to followup on calibration reminders.

Compliance-Max is one of several NIST-certified calibration services offered by Dickson Company along with the Calibration Club.  Details on Dickson Calibration Options can be found at or can be directed to Dickson customer service at 800-757-3747, FAX 630-543-0498 or by writing Dickson, 930 South Westwood Avenue, Addison, IL 60101, USA.

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