Brooksfilms’ next project is ‘Pizzaman’

According to a news report from, “Mel Brooks isn’t going anywhere.”

“The renowned funnyman said Friday that he’s not shuttering his 30-year-old production shingle Brooksfilms, contrary to one New York gossip page report, and that he’s developing a horror film with longtime writing collaborators Rudy De Luca and Steve Haberman. “I’m not quitting,” Brooks told The Hollywood Reporter. “Brooksfilms is still here and will be going on for a while. I’m not at all slowing down, and nobody has told me to stop.” The latest project, “Pizzaman,” is a serious horror film that marks Brooksfilms’ return to the genre. The company produced the successful “The Fly” and its not-so-successful “The Fly II.” Brooks said the project is in the script and rewrite stage and that he’s hasn’t shopped it to the studios yet,” according to the story.

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