Brooklyn Partygoers Say NYPD Ate Pizza, Broke Up Bash

According to the New York Daily News, “A group of hipsters are suing the NYPD, accusing cops of busting up their bash, arresting them, and eating their pizza!”

“Dozens of well-wishers were just gathering for a pal’s birthday at a run-down Brooklyn brownstone when party-pooping neighbors called cops to complain. One of them, Jennifer Arredondo, was released after more than 30 hours in police custody without even seeing a judge, and remains bitter about the experience. ‘They were calling me their ‘future Mexican wife’ and were rating the girls while taking our pictures,’ said Arredondo, who was visiting from Mexico. The charges were later dismissed but the June ordeal left a bitter taste in the partygoers’ hungry mouths. The 21 who are suing say that 78th Precinct cops agreed to order them pizza when they complained they were famished, took their money – but then wolfed down the slices.”

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