The toppings at Pizza Gusta aren’t just fresh—they’re straight out of the meat and produce aisles. That’s because the little pizza shop is located in the Super Foodtown grocery store, located in the Throggs Neck community of the Bronx, New York.

Nick Enea, a veteran baker and the owner of the supermarket, opened Pizza Gusta after he realized his oven, typically used for baking fresh bread, could easily handle pizza and that he had the required ingredients all around him.

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“Anything I need is just a few aisles away,” Enea told the Bronx Times. “All of my pizzas are made with ingredients from the store.”

“I’ve made pizzas with anchovies and squash blossoms on them for the customers,” Enea added. “”The average pizza place can’t whip up special orders in a few minutes.”

Customers can shop for their groceries while waiting for their pizza to be baked, but Pizza Gusta also offers free delivery.

“This is the first of its kind in the Bronx,” Enea told the Bronx Times. “No other supermarket in the borough has a pizza parlor within a supermarket, so I see a real opportunity here.”

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