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Brilliant Marketing: How Boston Pizza became Vancouver Pizza

""According to, “The Boston Pizza website has been rebranded as ‘Vancouver Pizza.'”


“In a show of home-town support and solidarity, Boston Pizza has become “Vancouver Pizza” — for the duration of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, anyway. The change was made on the restaurant chain’s website almost immediately after the Boston Bruins won their series Friday night, and more substantial changes will take place early next week.”

“But the planning for this mastermind marketing move actually took place last year when it looked like there was a chance Boston and the Vancouver Canucks might play each other at some point. ‘The stars didn’t align at that time so we just kept it in the can,’ Brad Bissonnette, Boston Pizza’s director of regional marketing said in an interview Saturday. ‘Now, the city is on overdrive and it’s really special to be a part of that.'”