Just over four years ago, Paul Emm started Box Top Advertising Inc. (BTA), a unique advertising company that creates pizza box toppers that provide free advertising for pizzerias of all sizes. With 18 years of direct sales experience, Emm rolled out a system that partners small, medium and large companies with qualified pizzerias through his direct sales strategy. He identified the need to help pizzerias reduce their print costs by recreating their full menu on the back of every topper. Today, hundreds of pizzerias throughout the United States and Canada have experienced increases in sales because their menu is included with every pizza delivery. “I believe the full menu on each box showed our customers items that they didn’t know we carried, leading to increases in our overall sales,” says Omar Ahmad from Gatti’s Pizza in Houston. With the unpopular federal menu labeling law looming, BTA has also become a solution of compliance for some of the country’s largest chains. 

With the rise of social media and online advertising, many traditional print advertising companies have struggled to retain advertisers, forcing them to raise rates. This technology has turned many merchants away from print advertising altogether, creating an opportunity for a fresh, innovative way to advertise, market or simply brand a business on the local level. BTA provides its clients with an exclusive front-row seat in consumers’ homes on top of a product that neither the Internet nor any social media program will ever replace: the timeless pizza box!

BTA has become the industry leader in box toppers by offering a program with the lowest cost and highest reach and frequency in the country. With ad space starting as low as a penny per topper, BTA gives clients the affordability they deserve in print advertising. “Our advertising consultants often get complimented on our incredible low prices as well as the overall box topper concept,” Emm says. He and his wife, Amanda (BTA’s CFO), along with five highly skilled and trained regional consultants, manage 60-plus advertising consultants throughout the United States and Canada. Emm attributes BTA’s success to the hardworking advertising consultants and graphic design team who keep the company on track toward hitting the company’s goals.

If you’re looking to reduce (or potentially eliminate) your menu print costs, create more menu awareness and join BTA’s rapidly growing list of pizzeria partners, contact BTA today at  info@boxtopinc.com or 302-378-7895. 

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