Boston Pizza Replaces Call Center Software with SpeedLine

LYNDEN, WA – February 9, 2007 – Boston Pizza announced today that they are updating their Edmonton-based call center with new software from leading pizza point of sale provider SpeedLine. The Edmonton area call center is the 265-unit chain’s first call center in Canada.
“Equipping our call center with SpeedLine software will help us grow our business,” said Kelly McClung, Business Manager for Boston Pizza’s Northern Alberta corporate office.
McClung expects that the new software will drastically reduce the number of errors and omissions – and callbacks to customers to get the correct information. McClung explained, “SpeedLine ensures that the call center operator selects all the appropriate sides and options before sending the order to the store, so things don’t get missed. With fewer callbacks tying up phone lines, the call center will be able to handle more calls. That will increase our business overall.”
The call center is a strategic asset for the chain in a region facing serious labor shortages: “It takes a lot of staffing pressure off our individual restaurant locations by taking phone orders off their plate,” McClung said. “Down the road, we plan to expand the capacity of this call center, and perhaps add more in other areas.”
The existing UNIX-based system at the call center was limiting growth. “It was archaic,” commented McClung. She and her team began researching alternatives in the fall of 2006.
“A number of our competitors use SpeedLine, and we were impressed by how solid the system is,” McClung said. “The company’s industry experience also gave us confidence: SpeedLine has been in the pizza point of sale business for a long time.”
“On top of that,” McClung added, “SpeedLine has made the process so simple. Usually, when it comes to technology, it’s complicated. But from the first contact, SpeedLine made it easy­helping us evaluate our options, and customizing a solution just for us.”

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