Pizza News

Boston Pizza Loses Liquor Licence reports that “Boston Pizza will be without a liquor licence until June 29. A 20-year-old, ‘petite,’ woman was served a 32 oz. schooner of beer, as well as a 12 oz. glass of beer at the restaurant on Oct. 18, 2009, a press release from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario stated.”

“Staff did not assess her condition or offer to arrange for her transportation home. When police pulled her over four hours later, her blood alcohol level was still three times the legal limit. Evidence collected by the commission said the woman was “grossly intoxicated” when she left the restaurant, and she was ‘not challenged by staff and no provision was made to ensure her safety or that of the public.’ A report from the commission said Boston Pizza had a previously ‘exemplary record.’  One Boston Pizza employee was solely responsible for serving the woman, which contributed to the 15-day liquor licence suspension. The employee was fired following the incident.”