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Video: How to Sell More Pizza With Text Marketing

Boostly cofounder Shane Murphy explains how to create a profitable text marketing program, spur opt-ins and use data to grow your pizza business.

Boostly started out in 2017 as a simple online ordering system for restaurants with some marketing tools. But, according to cofounder Shane Murphy, those marketing tools—particularly text marketing and feedback—were the big draws. So the team pivoted. Now text marketing is Boostly’s bread and butter, with a system that works seamlessly with your restaurant’s POS and online ordering providers.

Best of all? Pizza is Boostly’s specialty; in fact, the pizza industry comprises 80-85% of the company’s customer base.

“The beautiful thing about text is it’s still the primary mode of communication for consumers, so if you want to engage with your audience there’s no better vehicle than…their cellphone,” Murphy said.

In this episode of Marketing Masters, PMQ founder Steve Green talks to Murphy about creating a highly profitable text marketing program, spurring opt-ins and using your data to sell more pizza.