Text marketing is the most effective way to drive extra business in today’s market and produces more than 800% returns on your marketing spend.

You work hard to run a successful restaurant. Your food is amazing, but there are others with inferior products that are attracting your customers with their big marketing budgets. Boostly enables you to get in front of your customers and drive extra revenue every month without breaking the bank! In just the last few years, Boostly has helped restaurants to generate tens of millions of dollars in extra revenue and increase the purchase frequency of their guests. 

Why is text marketing effective? Every text message gets read (compare that to email, which has super-low open/click-through rates). People live on their phones, and most messages are read in just three minutes.

Which POS systems does Boostly work with? Boostly works seamlessly with every POS. You name it—Boostly works well with them!

Can it really all be automated? It sure can! Boostly is built to run on autopilot, but you can also send an on-demand text on a slow day, holiday or when you just have a message that you need to get out immediately. 

Can I use Boostly to generate reviews and/or feedback? Yes. Right when your customer is diving into their meal, Boostly asks the customer to rate their experience. Good experiences turn into 5-star reviews on Google. Negative experiences stay internal, give you insight on what happened, and then allow you to connect directly with the customer to resolve the issue.

How do I know if it’s working? Because of how Boostly works with your POS and online ordering, you are able to see exactly how much revenue is generated compared to what you spend. You should never be in the dark on how well Boostly is performing.

What if I don’t know what to do to effectively market to my customers? With Boostly, you get access to a dedicated marketing expert who helps you to navigate the maze of marketing and successfully drive thousands of dollars in extra revenue every month.

Is there a contract or setup fee? Nope! We align our success with yours. We know that if you’re not thrilled with the results, you won’t keep texting.

Where can I learn more? Schedule a 15-minute web demo with Boostly by calling 800-720-7738 or visiting boostly.com.

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