Boost traffic to your pizzeria with Deliver Media

Are you looking to implement a direct mail campaign, but are hesitant because you’re unsure if it will deliver the results you are looking for? Look no further—the solution lies in the type of direct mail campaign you implement. There are hundreds of different targeting strategies out there. It’s just a matter of defining your exact objectives to know which strategy is the right one for you.

Deliver Media has worked in pizza marketing for over 20 years, executing direct mail campaigns for more than 2,500 stores across the country. Some stores have even seen ROI as high as 900% from Deliver Media’s programs! Their marketing specialists take the time to analyze the flow of traffic into and out of your store as well as your overall objectives to formulate the perfect plan just for you. 

The first step is to figure out what the overall goal of your mailing is. Your Deliver Media marketing specialist will handle the rest, using your current customer database as an essential tool to perform an initial free market analysis of your restaurant.

Looking to gain market share from competition in your area? Competition Intrusion. This targeting strategy aims to gain market share by targeting those customers in your database that reside in zones that may overlap with competitor zones.

Aiming to bring back customers who haven’t visited in a while? Rejuvenation Strategy. The goal of this type of mailing is to target “at-risk,” “high risk,” and “lost” customers with highly attractive offers to bring them right back into your store.

Trying to find out who your best customers are? Database Mailing. If you currently possess a customer database, your Deliver Media marketing specialist will dissect it and place your customers into behavioral categories to send them high-impact targeted offers specific to their buying habits. This will help convert more customers into the loyal category.

Don’t have a complete customer database yet? Birthday Mailers. What’s a time of year you are always checking your mailbox for discounts and coupons? Your birthday month! Acquire new clients with a personalized, targeted direct mail piece that hits recipient mailboxes on their birthday month. This relationship-building technique will help encourage repeat purchase behavior and build your customer database with new buyer information.

Deliver Media has the capability for variable data printing, which allows for elements such as text and coupons to be changed from one printed piece to another without interrupting the print run. This technique allows you to customize the message for each audience category, resulting in greater response rates and saving time and money in the print process. 

The next step is to decide what you want your mailer to look like. Deliver Media’s talented graphic design team has one goal: make your piece stand out in a stack of mail. After speaking with you, their team carefully designs a piece to match your exact vision that will be unlike anything else in the mail.

Last, your piece is sent directly to print in Deliver Media’s production facility. From here, the mailers are sent straight to the post office for takeoff! Deliver Media’s special DDU-Entry Mailing Method promises on-time in-home dates for your mailers; their staff even calls each post office to alert them of the requested in-home date. This way, you can plan your food and labor costs around when your mailing is supposed to hit. Following your mailing, you will receive an ROI Analysis Report to show how each mailing performed. 

Reading this may give an impression that Deliver Media’s unique direct mail strategies will put a dent in your wallet. In fact, it’s actually the opposite. With mailings as low as 30 cents per piece, Deliver Media offers competitive pricing very similar to what else is out there in the market. The company proposes custom, cost-effective solutions for each client to ensure they won’t break the bank. Your marketing specialist guarantees exclusivity on your marketing campaign and will not offer it to your competition so you have a truly unique mailing program in place. Working with Deliver Media, you have a true marketing partner by your side that pieces together a results-oriented program to fit your budget exactly.

Deliver Media offers clients custom solutions that cannot be found anywhere else in the marketplace. Each custom plan is put together using unique strategies designed to drive the greatest ROI. In addition to direct mail marketing, Deliver Media offers digital marketing solutions to keep your branding consistent in a seamless and integrated process. Visit or call 800.377.4683