Bob Blumer Breaks Record and Takes Home Pizza-Making Prize

According to, “Standing at the corner of St. Clair Ave. West and Greenlaw Ave. in Toronto, Bob Blumer takes a bite from a pizza slice and lets out a boyish grin. The chef-cum-television host has a lot to smile about having just broken the Guinness world record for pizza-making with 168 pies.”

“But his victory was not without its hiccups. ‘The oven shut down about five minutes just as I was in the midst of crossing the line and breaking the record,’ said the Mr. Blumer, who would only refer to his age as being ‘in a state of arrested development.’ An oven technician was on hand and quickly removed the roadblock. Mr. Blumer made a total of 172 pizzas with 168 making the cut. The pizzas yielded over 1300 slices which were quickly handed out and devoured. The spectacle was held Sunday afternoon at the 13th Annual Corso Italia Festival where over 500 onlookers marveled at Mr. Blumer’s spastically agile moves, ladling puttanesca and sprinkling a three-cheese blend of asiago, provolone and mozzarella.”

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