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Hunger Games: This Pizzeria Will Teach You to Play 5 Minute Dungeon While You Eat

Slice & Dice Board Game Pizzeria in Albuquerque lets customers play while they eat and even delivers games along with pizza orders.

  • Slice & Dice was founded by Vic Briseno and Mercedes Donio, who say board games are going through a “renaissance period” these days.
  • While dining, groups can play games from the pizzeria’s extensive library as long as they make a food and beverage purchase.


Players gonna play at Slice & Dice Board Game Pizzeria in Albuquerque, which offers a vast selection of board games to keep customers entertained while they nosh on pies created in collaboration with local organizations, businesses and prominent members of the community.

Vic Briseno and Mercedes Donio opened Slice & Dice three years ago after bonding over their shared love of pizza, beer and board games. They combined their extensive libraries of games and made them available to customers for free with a purchase of food and a beverage, as KRQE reports.

In addition to a library of free games, the restaurant also sells a variety of board, dice and card games and RPGs, such as Ringmaster, It’s a Wonderful World, Monster of the Week, 5 Minute Dungeon and others, both in the store and online. Slice & Dice also delivers games with their pizzas and has a game guide on site who will make suggestions for games that guests will enjoy. The game guides and other employees can even teach customers how to play the games.

On most days, customers are allowed to take their time to finish their games—typically up to two hours—but a time limit might be imposed when the restaurant is busy.

“Board games are kind of going through this renaissance period right now,” Briseno told KRQE. “We’ve always loved board games, but people are more interested in getting involved right now, which is exciting to see.”

Meanwhile, the restaurant has begun working with local partners to develop recipe-of-the-month specials, with 10 percent of the proceeds donated to a local nonprofit selected by the partner.

So far they’ve teamed up with Cody Mizell, a former player for New Mexico United; the police chief of Rio Rancho; the Albuquerque Sing Language Academy; and Cibola High School. Donations have gone to organizations like the Roadrunner Food Bank, CASA New Mexico Kids Matter and the Domestic Violence Resource Center of New Mexico.

March’s pizza special (pictured above), developed in collaboration with local salsa company Gilly Loco, featured al pastor (a taco made with spit-grilled pork), red onions, pineapple, mozzarella and Gilly Loco Tomatillo Verde Salsa. The pizza benefited El Ranchito de los Ninos, a children’s home dedicated to keeping siblings together instead of splitting them up in the foster care system.