16 dough balls

15% lye solution in warm water (equals 2.4 oz. of lye to one pound of water)

1 oz. pretzel salt

7.5 oz. mozzarella cheese

4 to 5 oz. of bacon, cut into small pieces

4 to 5 oz. diced tomatoes

5 oz. shredded lettuce


Optional: 1.5 to 2 oz. tomato sauce, neapolitan style is preferred.

1 diced avocado


First, slap out your dough ball to a 14″ crust and set it on parchment paper. If you choose to use tomato sauce (optional) this is the time to place a little sauce on the dough.

Leave a rim for your crust, about three-quarters to one-inch.

Next add 2-3 oz. of shredded mozzarella cheese to the base.

Add bacon and then diced tomatoes.

Top off with the rest of your mozzarella cheese.

Now, put on gloves to work with the lye solution. Lye is caustic. If you get some on your skin, dab lemon juice or vinegar on the affected area and then rinse with just water.

Take your lye solution and brush it evenly around the crust of your pizza. Add the pretzel salt to the brushed crust evenly.

Bake the pizza in the oven at about 550F for 5-7 minutes or until the crust has the deep brown pretzel sheen.

Take the pizza out of the oven.

Add 5 oz. of shredded lettuce onto top of pizza. Take mayonnaise and drizzle generously on top.

Serve your pizza.

Warning: To properly dispose of leftover lye solution, place the container with the solution in your sink and squeeze lemon juice onto it. Use about one lemon for each pound of solution. Let it sit for awhile before pouring down the drain.