Blind Children Learn to Make Pizza

“The little girl slapped her hands on the ball of dough. ‘I’m going to make a giant pizza!’ she said. Then, wearing a white chef’s hat and apron, Hope Phillips, age 6, worked the dough with her tiny fingers,” according to The Orange County Register. “‘It feels soft and flabby and cold and round,’ said Hope, her nose dotted with flour. Soon, the dough was baking in a 700-degree, wood-burning stone hearth. In a few minutes, Hope would be eating her own, unique masterpiece — broccoli pizza.

“Hope, who is visually impaired, was one of 18 students at the Blind Children’s Learning Center in Santa Ana who spent part of Thursday on a field trip to Prego Ristorante in Irvine. There, the kids got a hands-on lesson in cooking.

“Tactile activities are crucial for the development of visually impaired children. They heavily rely on their non-vision senses to experience what sighted people take for granted.”

View the video here.