Biggest Loser Australian Finalist May Return to Selling Pizza

“Biggest Loser finalist Margie Cummins has lost more than 70 kilograms but says the reality TV experience would not stop her returning to owning and running her own pizza shop again,” according to The West Australian. “Long before being chosen for the Biggest Loser, Cummins owned three pizza restaurants.

“She was down to running just one which she sold before committing to a potential six month stint on the weight-loss reality show. ‘I sold them off and had (just one) a hole in the wall and sold that off once I realised I made it on the Biggest Loser,’ Cummins told AAP. ‘I wouldn’t say no (to owning another one), it’s definitely something I would consider.’

“Cummins said it was mainly her lifestyle and not necessarily the pizzas which led her to packing on the kilos.”