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Big pizza chains use web ordering to slice out bigger market share

According to Wall Street Journal, the online ordering market has been cornered by the bigger chains which leaves independent pizzerias in the dark. 

"Big chains have invested in sophisticated Web-based systems that let customers order and pay for deliveries quickly without having to call," WSJ reported. "That's giving them a new edge in the battle for an ever-bigger slice of the industry pie over smaller chains and independent pizza shops that lack the capital or technological know-how to compete on the Web. Domino's Pizza Inc.,Papa John's International Inc.and Yum Brands Inc.'s Pizza Hut all now derive 40% or more of their sales from digital orders, the companies say. For Geraci's Restaurant in University Heights, Ohio, the number is zero. Frannie Geraci, co-owner of Geraci's, says her sales have declined 20% in the past two years as chain pizza shops and other franchises have moved into the neighborhood. She estimates she could boost sales by 30% if she offered delivery and online ordering."

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