Biden: Tax Hike for Wealthy, Pizza for White House

According to USA Today, “Vice President Biden defended eliminating tax cuts for the wealthy in a lunchtime visit today to Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza in Washington.”

“He also bought two pizzas to take back to the White House — one plain, one pepperoni –acknowledging that he eats it ‘just about’ every day. The veep came prepared with arguments against extending the tax cuts for the rich. He noted it would cost $700 billion over 10 years, including $350 billion for people with average incomes of $8.2 million. Not that he has anything against wealthy people: ‘I hope one of my grandkids makes that kind of money,’ he said, ‘so when he puts me in a home, I get a window with a view.’ Biden said tax cuts are better given to people ‘who are going to go out and spend it. They’re going to come in and buy a pizza, they’re going to go buy a car, they’re going to pay their electric bill, they’re going to make a payment to send their kid to school, they’re going to buy school clothes. They’re the people who need the money.'”