Pittsburgh – January 19, 2010:  Mandy’s Pizza, with locations in both the
Northside and West View areas of Pittsburgh, PA., has developed what they
believe is the best-tasting allergen-free pizza in the North.

Tasting, researching and developing recipe after recipe in an effort to keep
it simple.safe..and near authentic for his son and customers, Mandy’s has
developed a proprietary allergen-free recipe that tastes nearly as good as a
traditional high-gluten pizza.  This pizza is not just gluten-free, but free
of any dangerous allergens such as egg, milk, soy and corn.  Mandy’s Pizza
has taken what others have done with gluten-free, and made it available no
matter what your allergy is.

“When our 7-year old son Brandon, who suffers from severe food allergies,
came to our pizzeria and wanted to “smell” a pizza, it was that which made
us come up with a pizza that even he could enjoy.”  “It is truly saddening
when our son sits in our pizzerias and knows that there is nothing for him
to eat”, states Steven Negri, President of the Mandy’s Pizza Group.

Steven, and his wife Veronica, have tried countless store bought and
commercially available gluten-free pizza mixes, frozen shells, and
ready-made pizzas over the course of 2 years.  It became apparent that
nearly all of them either had a gritty taste, or worse felt like eating a
sponge.  This “texture issue” can be synonymous with the fact that in an
effort to meet the needs of all food allergies which can include egg, milk,
wheat and soy.  By combining some very unique alternative flours along with
allergy-free substitutes allowed Mandy’s Pizza to develop a product that
actually tastes near to traditional pizza.

“We know what it’s like to have a child with severe food allergies so it was
only natural to combine our understanding of the handicap along with our
experience in the pizza industry to provide a solution full of taste and
texture that can be enjoyed by both young and old”, states Veronica Negri.

Mandy’s Pizza makes sure to make these pizzas for our allergy customers with
tools and stones that are washed, sanitized and stored in a sealed container
in an effort to prevent cross-contamination.

Mandy’s Allergen-Free pizzas will be offered in several varieties that
include a standard cheese pizza with your choice of marinara or garlic
sauce; spinach and feta; broccoli and feta; or a version of our
award-winning white pizza.

Mandy’s Pizza recommends that anyone interested in learning more about the
pizzas to email us from the Contact Us link located at mandyspizza.com.

Keeping up with tradition by only serving “fresh-dough” pizza in sizes from
10″ to their famous 30″ Monster topped with the finest cheese and meats,
they also offer a full-line of over-stuffed hot hoagies, signature flatbread
sandwiches, and the largest wings in town.  To top it off, Mandy’s is now
the only pizzeria in the Route 19N corridor that can offer people who suffer
from food allergies the ability to enjoy pizza delivered hot to their door.

Founded in 1979 and Mandy’s Pizza was an innovator in the Pittsburgh area by
being one of the first to offer home-delivery.  They have also won award for
being Best Pizza in the North, and well as a top-ranking at the annual Pizza
Pizzazz Competition sponsored by NAPICS, the North American Pizza and Ice
Cream Expo, located in Columbus, Ohio.

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