""(Denmark, Wis.) – BelGioioso’s award-winning Fresh Mozzarella is now available in a new special formula for pizza. Similar to the cheese used by Pizzaiuoli in Italy, BelGioioso’s new Special Formula Fresh Mozzarella brings the expertise of its Italian cheesemakers to the art of pizza-making. 

Keeping with the artisan character of BelGioioso Fresh Mozzarella, this special formula has the same tender texture, porcelain whiteness and clean, milky flavor that will bring freshness and authenticity to any pizza.  With low-moisture melting qualities perfect for baking in wood- or coal-burning and deck ovens, this special formula slices or shreds with ease and browns to perfection. 

Authentic Neapolitan pizza is a top “buzzword” in 2010, according to the New York-based Joseph Baum & Michael Whiteman Co., creator of high-profile restaurants around the world for hotels, restaurant companies, major museums and other consumer destinations.  BelGioioso’s new Special Formula for Pizza enables U.S. operators to deliver the unique taste and texture of Neapolitan classics, like pizza Margherita.

BelGioioso Fresh Mozzarella Special Formula for Pizza is available in 2-pound Thermoform-packaged log shapes—in whole and pre-sliced options—with a quantity of six logs in each case.

BelGioioso Cheese is a family-owned and operated company specializing in artisan Italian cheesemaking. Using only all-natural ingredients and fresh, local Wisconsin milk, Master Cheesemakers hand-craft a full line of exceptional cheeses guided by a commitment to quality and a respect for tradition.  At BelGioioso, every cheese is a specialty.  For product information, recipes or product samples, log on to www.belgioioso.com or phone 877-863-2123.

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