BelGioioso Cheese is Awarded Six Medals at the World Cheese Awards

(Denmark, WI)—Wisconsin cheese company BelGioioso Cheese earned six awards at the 2009 World Cheese Awards, held in the Canary Islands. These awards honor the family-owned and operated cheese company as a producer of exceptional Italian cheeses.

Gold Medals:

Parmesan: Each hand-formed wheel of Parmesan begins with fresh local milk, and ages for over 10 months in special caves. Hand-turning ensures a consistent aging process, which creates this cheese’s golden rind, sweet, nutty flavor, and tantalizing aroma.

Ricotta con Latte®: Ricotta con Latte® is handmade to order from local cow’s milk and contains no preservatives. Ricotta con Latte® has a mild, clean flavor with a creamy texture and a hint of sweetness.

Sharp Provolone: The first cheese BelGioioso made 30 years ago, BelGioioso cheesemakers continue to craft Sharp Provolone from a family recipe over a century old. Careful aging gives this cheese a wealth of aromatic, nutty, sharp, and earthy flavor, as well as a robust aroma.

Silver Medal:

Crescenza-Stracchino: Crescenza-Stracchino is made in small batches from whole cow’s milk gathered daily from local farmers. The tender texture of this spreadable cheese complements its smooth, milky flavor and enticing tartness.

Bronze Medals:

CreamyGorg®: Each piece of CreamyGorg® blooms with a beneficial blue mold. Hand washing with brine during its 90-day aging further deepens the cheese’s flavor. The result is a soft, spreadable cheese with a creamy, subtle earthiness, and full aroma.

American Grana: BelGioioso cheesemakers hand-form each 70-pound wheel, then turn and clean them weekly as they age on wooden shelves for over 18 months. This expert care creates a cheese with layers of sweet, nutty, and earthy flavor, and a deep aroma.

The 2009 World Cheese Awards took place in Gran Canaria, Spain on October 1st.  A panel of 150 cheese experts from 24 countries judged a total of 2,440 cheeses during this competition.

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BelGioioso Cheese, Inc. specializes in all-natural, Classic Italian and handcrafted exclusive cheeses made in the U.S.A.  Nestled in the green pastures of Northeastern Wisconsin, BelGioioso is family-owned and operated and participates in the state’s rich legacy of cheesemaking.  For product information, recipes or product samples, please contact BelGioioso Cheese at 920-863-2123 or log onto