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Beer for Life and German Pizza

What could be cooler than a restaurant offering the option of beer for life at a cost of $1,000? How about a full line-up of German pizzas called Flammkuchen to pair with them?

The Brewtorium Brewery & Kitchen, which opened in February in Austin, Texas, is the creation of husband-and-wife home beer brewers who have won more than 125 home brew competition awards.

A limited number of spots are being sold in The Brewtorium's Beer for Life program (I think this is genius, by the way), at $1,000 each. Participants in the program receive one beer a day (6 days a week, 52 weeks a year) for as long as the restaurant remains in business.

There's also a Growler for Life program, also $1,000, wherein participants receive one growler each week for life.

Now for the pizzas!

There are five Flammkuchen (flam-coo-khen) to choose from, which the menu describes as misshapen German-style pizzas. Standouts include the OG, topped with white sauce, aged Spanish cheese, pork belly lardon, drunken onions and chive and the Famished Farmer with red sauce, Italian sausage, dry-aged jack, kale, and lemon zest ricotta. 

Every item on the menu features a beer suggestion, helping to make food pairings easier, and, of course, sell more beer.

What are some of your favorite beer and pizza pairings? Are you currently pairing pizza and beer in your pizzeria?