Beef up your menu with seasoned chicken pizza toppings

Today’s consumer demands chicken more than ever. Last year, America’s demand for chicken surpassed beef consumption by almost 40% and is projected to continue its rise in popularity. You might say we’re living in the Golden Age of Poultry. Possible reasons for the steady climb in chicken consumption include more health-conscious consumers and lower pricing for chicken compared to beef.

When selecting chicken to use on your menu, a lot of questions come to mind. What kind of food safety precautions should be in place? How do I prepare it? What spices do I use? What other dishes can I use with chicken?

Todarini Foods has taken all of the guesswork out of selling chicken in your store. Todarini offers delicious chicken toppings in two flavor profiles: Italian and Sicilian. The Italian recipe has been in the family for more than 100 years, while the Sicilian flavor was specifically developed for the company’s topping line. The Todaro family has served the pizza industry since the 1950s, and they are the innovators behind the proprietary process (patent pending) that makes their all-natural, affordable Italian and Sicilian chicken pizza toppings unique on the market.

Thanks to years of research and development, this process keeps Todarini’s products exceptionally moist and bursting with flavor, without preservatives, binders, fillers, extenders or added water. “Our toppings are not processed and formed to look like they were made from scratch,” says owner Vincent Todaro. “They are made from scratch.”

The Italian and Sicilian chicken toppings let pizzeria operators serve a top-quality chicken product for a price that’s about 35% lower than other chicken toppings. Since it comes fully cooked, there is no product loss during cooking and no food safety hazards associated with handling raw chicken. Also, its crumble format provides better coverage than typical strips of chicken breast, and, unlike other chicken products, the toppings won’t dry out.

Finally, novel pizza toppings help improve customer loyalty, Todaro notes. When you give your customers a unique flavor and product they can’t get anywhere else, they’ll remember your brand and keep coming back. And this is not just chicken on top of a pizza—it’s an actual pizza topping. “Never before has a pizzeria had the opportunity to be the first to offer a truly new pizza topping,” Todaro says. “I have no doubt that our chicken toppings will be a mainstay on the make table soon, just like pepperoni and Italian sausage. The toppings are perfect on pizza but also go well in pasta, calzones, lasagna, stromboli, sauces, risotto, soups and salads.”

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