• Specializing in automated pizza kitchens, Basil Street has partnered with Celestica, a leader in design, manufacturing and supply chain solutions, for a Fall 2021 roll-out.
  • Basil Street piloted its prototype kiosks in multiple states last year, the company said.

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As it gears up for a nationwide rollout this fall, Basil Street Pizza, which specializes in automated brick oven-style pizza kitchens (APKs), has partnered with Celestica, a leader in design, manufacturing and supply chain solutions.

Deglin Kenealy, CEO of Basil Street Pizza, said the demand for his company’s APKs is surging in the U.S. “We needed to ensure our manufacturing processes are up to the scale of demand, and our partnership with Celestica does just that,” he said. “Taking into consideration the experience and expertise Celestica brings to the table, Basil Street is now in a prime position to fulfill our aggressive APK rollout and bring our restaurant-quality pizza to the masses with a simple touch of a button.”

According to a press release, Basil Street executed a successful pilot program in multiple states last year, using prototype kiosks developed by the brand’s internal research and development team, led by Basil Street COO Jeff Klemp. Klemp also serves as COO of Commercial Automation, which played an instrumental role in the initial development of the Basil Street solution.

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“The process of migrating from a development concept to a volume retail solution can take years and be an exhaustive exercise,” said Klemp. “As interest in our automated pizza kitchens continues to grow and considering the maturity of our retail solution, the time is ripe to bring on a best-in-class manufacturing partner. Through an extensive selection process and conversations with company executives to ensure synergy and belief in the offering, it is clear that Celestica is the ideal match for Basil Street.”

Through the partnership with Basil Street, Celestica will focus on optimizing the value of the pizza brand’s build by increasing consistency and quality of the APKs.

Basil Street’s kiosks feature three 10-inch Italian-style, thin-crust pizza offerings: four-cheese, pepperoni and a “Pizza of the Month,” selling between $6.95 and $14.95.  The pizzas are made with fresh ingredients and are flash-frozen to preserve flavor and freshness. They can be cooked to order in about three minutes, the company said. The cooking process utilizes Basil Street’s patented three-element non-microwave speed oven.


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