""(Walnut Creek, CA) Take a high-quality product with built-in convenience, make it your own with signature touches, and you’ve got a sure-fire good-seller that brands your menu and operation. Basic American Foods specializes in dry potato products that easily accept other ingredients and flavors to create dishes you’ll be proud to serve your customers—from package to the plate in minutes. 




To Potato Pearls® Mashed Potatoes, consider simple, flavorful mix-ins already in your pantry or walk-in: 

·         Classic Horseradish Mashed Potatoes. Prepared horseradish and sour cream.

·         Creamy Chicken Mashed Potatoes. Concentrated liquid chicken-broth base, heavy cream and butter.

·         Brown Butter and Sage Mashed Potatoes. Fresh minced sage and warmed brown butter.

·         Cheddar and Scallion Mashed Potatoes. Shredded sharp Cheddar and sliced scallion.

For more mashed potato mix-in ideas using Basic American Foods’ family of premium products, visit our Mashed Mix-In Menu Ideas.

Golden Grill® Hashbrown Potatoes can also become signature dishes by infusing familiar, on-trend flavors:

·         Rosemary Potato Cakes. Shaved Parmesan and finely ground rosemary.

·         Smoky Garlic & Onion Infused Crispy Potatoes. Powdered or granulated garlic and onion and hickory- or mesquite-flavored liquid smoke.

·         Hot & Sweet Infused Crispy Potato Cakes. Frank’s Red Hot® Sauce, sweet barbecue sauce and crumbled blue cheese (picture attached).

·         Ginger & Garlic Infused Crispy Potatoes. Powdered or granulated garlic, powdered ginger and ginger juice.

These and other recipes for signature hashbrowns are available at www.baf.com.

Family owned and operated since 1933, Basic American Foods is a global leader in providing value-added, branded dry potato and bean products to foodservice. Its principal brands delivering preparation convenience with scratch-like taste include Potato Pearls®, Golden Grill®, Classic Casserole® and Santiago®.

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