According to, “the move to offer gluten-free pizzas at the 15 Southeast Valley Barro’s Pizza restaurants started as a personal concern.”

“Bruce Barro and his wife Kelly’s close friends had children suffering with Celiac disease, an immune system reaction to gluten causing inflammation of the small intestines, estimated to affect more than 3 million Americans.”

“As their own daughter Bostyn’s allergies worsened, the Barros had her tested for gluten. The results were positive and the couple took steps to remove gluten foods from the 8-year-old’s diet. In support, they also removed most gluten products from their diets, discovering their own health improvements. ‘We noticed the improvements in our daughter, and I noticed more energy in myself,’ said Bruce Barro, co-owner of the 30-year-old, family-owned Barro’s Pizza, which has 28 restaurants in Maricopa County. “This got us thinking about it and the ton of different problems it causes in adults and kids.’ Working with Gluten-Free Creations of Phoenix, Bruce Barro and brother Ken decided to provide gluten-free pizza crusts in all their Southeast Valley restaurants – a move requiring separate cooking areas, pans, even utensils. Since offering the gluten-free pizzas six months ago, and without advertising, the Southeast Valley restaurants noticed a hike in requests – and kudos – for the gluten-free pizzas.”

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