• Heinz has resurrected a frozen pizza topped with baked beans, and many in the UK are glad to hear about it.
  • But one reviewer said it’s “the only pizza I think I’ve ever had that I wouldn’t choose to have again.”

Brits love their jellied eels and spotted dick. But you might think they’d draw the line at a frozen pizza topped with baked beans. Not so. In fact, according to the Daily Star, folks in the UK have been clamoring for the return of the Heinz Baked Beanz Pizza, and they’re finally getting their wish.

The red-sauce pizza is topped with baked beans, mozzarella and cheddar cheese. It was originally available in UK supermarkets during the 1990s until Heinz pulled it in 2003. Now it has been brought back to life for a limited time through the end of November, following the successful re-launch of Heinz Beanz Burgers and Heinz Beanz Hash Browns.

“Bringing back our Beanz Pizza felt like the perfect follow-up,” said Sophie Higgins, Head of Growth Platform, New Ventures at Heinz, in a Daily Mail story. “We know there are some true fans of our frozen Beanz Pizzas out there and—after a 20-year hiatus from supermarkets—we hope they’re as happy today as we are to hear this absolute classic is available again in stores.”

If you think Brits don’t know beans about pizza, Caroline Abbott, writing for DevonLive, would likely tell you otherwise.

The Heinz Baked Beanz Pizza

According to Abbott, the nation’s pizza lovers got “excited” about the pie’s return when it was announced earlier this month. “People fondly recalled the weekend teatimes of their childhood in the 1990s, when they would enjoy a Heinz Beanz Pizza before settling down to watch ‘Gladiators’ on TV,” Abbott wrote. “I’d never had it before, but I like baked beans and I like pizza, so I was keen to try it.”

Abbott even went to the trouble of counting every bean on the pie, but “as the beans were well-camouflaged or hiding underneath some cheese,” the final number was hard to determine. “I think there were around 54,” she wrote.

Abbott’s verdict? “Although I’m not a huge fan of Margherita (cheese and tomato) pizzas, finding them on the boring side, this one, without taking the beans into account, wasn’t bad at all. It was neither too thin nor too thick and the perfect firmness to eat with your fingers without the topping making a bid for freedom. But despite liking baked beans, they spoilt the pizza for me. The tomato sauce you get on a pizza is very different from the tomato sauce that comes with baked beans, and, in my opinion, they don’t complement each other. This is the only pizza I think I’ve ever had that I wouldn’t choose to have again.”

According to the Heinz UK website, the company celebrated its 150th birthday in the UK by offering the Baked Beanz Pizza (pictured above) for delivery through Deliveroo. It was available only at select pizzerias, including Joe Public (London), Pizza Punks (Glasgow, Newcastle and Belfast) and Proove (Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield), with each restaurant selling only 150 “limited-edition” pies.

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