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Bacio to Offer 10-Cent Rebate to Pizzerias Affected by Hurricane Matthew

In the wake of the destruction wreaked by Hurricane Matthew in the southeastern U.S., one leading restaurant industry supplier will offer its support to pizzerias in the area starting next month. Bacio Cheese will offer a 10-cent-per-pound rebate to all customers who purchase Bacio products through Performance Foodservice’s Florence and Orlando regional distribution centers. The special offer will be available through the entire month of November, the company announced.

“The effects of Hurricane Matthew were absolutely devastating, hitting multiple states along the East Coast of the United States and leaving individuals injured, stranded or worse,” the company said in a prepared statement. “Flooding was also prevalent, leaving many businesses without electricity and causing some to close their doors for an entire week.”

“We at Bacio want to do our part to help the local pizzerias in affected areas recover as quickly as possible. For the month of November, Bacio will offer an additional $.10/lb. rebate on Bacio cheese to all customers (current and new) who purchase Bacio through the Florence and Orlando OPCOs, where pizzerias were most affected. We know it will take time to recover from the storm, but we hope that our humble contribution will help those affected become whole again.”