Authentic Italian Food Shines at the Fancy Food Show, July 8-10, 2007

Authentic Italian Food Shines at the Fancy Food Show, July 8-10, 2007

The Summer International Fancy Food And Confections Show 2007

Summer Fancy Food Show 2007

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–This July, The Italian Trade Commission (ITC) will unite 274 Italian companies in an official National Pavilion representing over 30 Italian regions, numerous export consortia, and Chambers of Commerce at The Summer International Fancy Food and Confections Show. Not only will the Italian element of the show be the greatest in number, but it will also represent the greatest in excellence, innovation, style and variety. This year more Italian companies than ever before will be on-hand to present their specialties to the press and members of the trade; demonstrating their commitment to high quality that has always been synonymous with Italian products.

The Italian presence at the show will highlight the stark difference between the plethora of imitation Italian products flooding the US market today and the authentic high quality Italian delicacies available. One taste is all that is needed to understand that authentic Italian products reign supreme and wily imitations are simply second-rate.

Aniello Musella, Trade Commissioner and Executive Director for the USA explains that, “Italian food and wine producers are willfully bound to the rich culture and traditions of Italy’s diverse territories. As climate, geography, terroir and history vary from North to South, so do the distinct regional delicacies. Today in a world driven by mass culture, fast food and uniform tastes, Italians remain refreshingly loyal to their unique local traditions and products. The Fancy Food Show is a great opportunity for tastemakers in the North American market to experience first hand these authentic palatable regional bounties.”

Italy is the leading European country for organic foods with some 50,000 farms committed to growing produce by natural methods without the use of chemicals. Many products at the show will display the organic symbol of excellence.

“The United States remains one of the top importers of Italian food and wine in the world. Imports from Italy in this sector reached a total of $2.9 billion in 2006, an 8.6% increase from the previous year. In the first four months of 2007, the value of Italian exports to the US totalled $967.2 million showing an increase of 11.4% over the same time period the previous year. Italy also lead in exports of still wine, with a value of $1.157 billion in 2006. The first four months of 2007 indicate an astonishing net gain of over 20% valued at $377.5 million compared to this time period the year before,” says Dr. Musella.

The Italian exhibitors will present a wide range of new products and classic favorites. Some exciting new products to be featured are truffle peaches, balsamic rich condiments, ready-to-add pasta sauces, flavor infused olive oils and health specific options like gluten-free pasta, organic pasta and olive-oil based bath and body products.

The Italian participation at the Summer Fancy Food 2007 show will be publicized in the official Fancy Food catalog and as a special insert in “Gourmet News” magazine. To learn more about the individual Italian producers exhibiting at the Italian Pavilion, please click on the following link:

About the Italian Trade Commission:

The Italian Trade Commission is the Italian government agency entrusted with the promotion of trade, business opportunities and industrial cooperation between Italy and the rest of the world. It supports the internationalization of Italian firms and their consolidation in foreign markets and it operates in over 80 countries.