A pizza is a pie of a thousand toppings, including kangaroo, emu and crocodile meats. 

The over-a-century-old The Australian Heritage Hotel features its "Coat of Arms" pizza which is served with kangaroo and emu meat and garnished by bush tomato, capsicum peppers, and lemon myrtle mayo. One half has kangaroo meat and capsicum peppers. The other half is emu meat served with plump bush tomatoes. 

One food reviewer on FoodBeast said it was able to "pack the flavor of the lean meats while being able to stay juicy throughout." 

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The hotel also serves "Pepper Kangaroo" which serves up kangaroo meat marinated in native pepper, carmelised onion, roast pepper and saltbrush. And that's not all. The hotel also features crocodile meat as a topping in its "Saltwater Crocodile," garnished with mushrooms, buffalo mozzarella, eggplant, and olives. 

Another food reviewer on Forking Tasty visited this hotel and said the emu topping was the best of all. 

 These meat toppings are quite unusual, but after a century the hotel knows these pizzas sum up Australia in a slice. 

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