Aurelio’s Pizza Celebrates 60th Anniversary with 60 Minutes of Free Pizza.

Three of the most well-known Chicago-born pizza families: Aurelio’s Pizza, Home Run Inn Pizza, and Lou Malnati’s are celebrating National Pizza Party Day on May 17 by giving back to their community.

Aurelio’s Pizza, Chicagoland’s first established pizza chain, is also celebrating its 60th anniversary, and the other two Chicago-famous pizzerias are joining in the fun. For every minute of the years Aurelio’s Pizza has been open, they will be giving away free pizza in the Maggie Daley Park from noon to 1 p.m.

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“We’re bringing together the traditionally South Side Aurelio’s Pizza, North Side Lou Malnati’s and then Home Run Inn that started right in the middle of 31st Street. There’s no bigger debate in Chicago than deep dish versus thin crust pizza, but one thing we can all agree on is that Chicago has the best pizza,” said Joe Aurelio, president of Aurelio’s Pizza.

Lou Malnati’s will serve Chicago’s iconic deep-dish slices while Aurelio’s Pizza and Home Run Inn will serve their thin crust slices. The pizza will be free, but the restaurateurs will encourage their guests to donate towards Advocate Children’s Hospital.