AT&T, Showtime Push Pizza Promo To U-Verse TV Subs

According to a report on, “AT&T’s U-verse TV customers received a pop-up message on their sets Wednesday offering a free large Domino’s pizza and a two-liter bottle of Coke to new Showtime Networks subscribers.”

“All U-verse TV customers received the message yesterday, according to AT&T spokeswoman Jenny Bridges. The telco had 2.2 million U-verse TV subscribers as of June 30.The pop-up message said the free-pizza-and-Coke deal was available to customers who added Showtime or a package that includes Showtime, such as the U300 programming tier. The set-top message directed customers to for more information.The offer is valid through Sept. 19, according to the Web site. To qualify for the Domino’s free pizza and Coke offer, a subscriber must first subscribe to Showtime for two consecutive months and then must mail in a redemption form and copies of the first two AT&T bills where the Showtime service charge appears.Showtime vice president of corporate public relations Stuart Zakim said the free-pizza promotion is currently running only with AT&T.AT&T has sent on-screen service messages to U-verse TV customers previously, such as when the telco announced the launch of Total Home DVR,” the story said.