Master pizzaiolo Alessio Lacco and wife Sofia Arango hit the streets of Georgia’s largest city every day with the Atlanta Pizza Truck, a visually arresting three-wheeled scooter offering handcrafted Neapolitan pizzas.

The young couple launched the business in March, just as the coronavirus began to rage across the nation. Their food truck offered a safe way to get pizza to customers’ doors while indoor dining was shut down or restricted in the city.

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Lacco and Arango decided to start Atlanta Pizza Truck as a way to create a little taste of Italy everywhere they go. Lacco, a master pizzaiolo from Naples, Italy, trained in that worldwide pizza capital, where he learned to create a soft, tender, Neapolitan crust baked in a blistering-hot 900° wood-burning oven. He started out working at his uncle’s restaurant, where he made his first pizza. He went on to study the Neapolitan process at L’Arte della Pizza under Gaetano Esposito, grandson of pizza industry legend Raffaele Esposito, who crafted the first Margherita pizza for Queen Margherita of Savoy in 1889.

this photo shows Sofia Arango eating a slice in front of Atlanta Pizza Truck

Sofia Arango handles marketing and social media for Atlanta Pizza Truck.

After moving to the U.S., Lacco founded Alessio Lacco Pizza Consulting, helping restaurateurs open Napoli restaurants in New York, California, Georgia, Texas and Indiana.

Arango, who is originally from Caracas, Venezuela, handles Atlanta Pizza Truck’s marketing and social media presence.

The entrepreneurial couple tools around the city in an eye-catching, three-wheeled 1982 Vespa with an oven mounted on the back. These scooters were developed at the end of WWII and became common in Europe. Lacco and Aranga use it to bring Pizza Napoletana to private events, neighborhood pop-ups, festivals and more.

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