Atalanta is ready to celebrate the Summer Fancy Food Show with award-winning specialties and exciting new brands. Here are some highlights of the featured products: 

Snowdonia Cheese Company: 

Combining contemporary cheeses with Welsh tradition, Snowdonia Cheese Company has been producing unique products bursting with flavor since 2001. Dedicated to creating rich, vivacious cheeses, each piece is carefully crafted in Snowdonia’s state-of-the-art facility located in North Wales, focusing on quality, taste and appreciation for their process.

Snowdonia’s award-winning favorites include: The Little Black Bomber, a classic mature Cheddar enrobed in striking black wax, the Red Devil, a spicy combination of chilies and peppers dressed in bright red wax, and Green Thunder, a luxurious Cheddar mixed with garlic and herbs.

Ferrarelle Naturally Effervescent Mineral Water:

Ferrarelle is known as "The Water of Italy," as it is that country’s most popular sparkling water product. Unique among Italian mineral waters, Ferrarelle is naturally effervescent, drawn from its source in southern Italy, creating a smooth texture and rich finish. Ferrarelle’s natural spring waters flow through a protected habitat in Sorgenti di Riardo Park in southern Italy, as the water filters through volcanic rocks to add an abundance of minerals and its famed natural effervescence. 

Spanish Cheese & Accompaniment Selection:

New fixed weight authentic Spanish specialties include Don Juan Manchego and Espania Iberico, Don Wine and Rosemary Goat cheeses. Our line of fixed weight accompaniments by Don Juan include Fruit and Nut Cakes, Quince Paste, Marcona Almonds and Nature Terrae Allioli Mediterranean Sauces – perfect for a summer tapas platter! Also featured is the exceptional quality of Pata Negra charcuterie products, including Serrano ham, chorizo and salchichon, all from the famed black hoofed Iberico de Bellota hogs.

Visit Atalanta and all of our award-winning products at Booth #2540 at the Summer Fancy Food Show, or visit

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