It’s true that pizza and espresso were both born in Italy, where post-meal espressos are often part of the dining experience. Nothing compliments an Italian dessert, such as cannoli or tiramisu, like a well-made espresso or specialty coffee drink. Even better are the profits obtained by blending pizza and espresso to attract not only the European families in your markets, but also everyone that appreciates great food and specialty coffee.

Today’s consumers are now accustomed to ordering everything from cappuccinos and espressos to lattes and frappés at upscale coffee shops. And as consumer tastes have gotten more sophisticated, restaurants have a new opportunity for increased revenue with espresso drinks.

“Coffee and pizza go extremely well together,” says Steven Sutton, New York-based founder and CEO of Devocion Coffee. “When you offer a great cup of joe with flavors that pair well with your pizza and use quality coffee—even if it’s at a higher cost than what you’re used to—the profit margin is extremely high. You’ll get a return on your investment very quickly.” And even quicker with Astoria. 

The Astoria brand is now partnering with pizzerias to grow the tradition of great food and coffee. Their espresso machines are the perfect blend of Italian style, quality and affordability. Known for their longevity and beauty, simply adding Astoria espresso equipment to your restaurant can help you retain current customers and attract new ones. 

Astoria has a global footprint and has been serving the U.S. market since 1995 by providing genuine machines and parts inventory from Italy. The Astoria family of machines also has the rich heritage of delivering an expert service network to keep machines and profits going year over year.

Astoria’s inventory investment in the U.S. allows for quick delivery of machines and parts, making it easy to do business with service and sales partners. They offer excellent options from simple single-boiler traditional machines to complex multi-boiler machines that will help pizzerias serve customers during low- and high-demand periods. 

With Astoria’s price-accessible espresso machines, it’s easier than ever to offer a creative, well-thought-out coffee menu and set yourself apart from competitors while reaping impressive profit margins. Serving quality drinks, like a simple Americano or a complex and sweet mocha latte, can help you grow your share of the wallet in the markets you serve. To find out more, visit or call 336-393-0224.


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