Assica chooses meat-tech

Meat-Tech Processing & Packaging for the Meat Industry, the new international exhibition organized by Ipack-Ima spa and specializing in technology and products for meat processing, preservation, packaging and distribution now enjoys the support of ASSICA, a major trade association grouping companies dealing in meat and cured meats.

Ipack-Ima has recently signed a strategic partnership agreement with ASSICA, the Confindustria association for meat and cured meats, which chose Meat-Tech as Italy’s standard-setting event in 2015 for the technological update of the meat supply chain.

The agreement is exclusive and effective until 2021. Its goal is to combine the competences of two important organizations planning to stage initiatives and events designed for the meat business community and leading up to the opening of the exhibition. 

“The agreement with a key trade association such as ASSICA testifies to Meat-Tech’s role as the leading exhibition in the meat processing industry – says Ipack-Ima SpA CEO Guido Corbella. By launching Meat-Tech, we believe we are fully meeting the expectations voiced by our meat industry stakeholders, who required their event to be placed in a highly international context strongly integrated into the meat supply chain. Today we can implement our strategy is this area with the objective to provide increased value to IPACK-IMA’s business communities with independent, co-located events ”.

Our partnership with Ipack-Ima – says ASSICA President Lisa Ferrarini – is a landmark decision giving or companies the opportunity to take part in an exhibition showcasing the full spectrum of cutting-edge processing and packaging technology. I believe the meat supply chain, from farm production to finished products and requiring technology and machinery, is one of Italy’s top-notch industries; if it learned to move in an organized, unified way it could conquer the global market”.

The agreement is based on the shared belief that the co-location with IPACK-IMA 2015 and its interrelated events Fruitech Innovation – dedicated to the fruit and vegetable supply chain – and Dairytech – technology for the dairy industry – will contribute to making Meat-Tech a milestone event for the entire industry. The first edition will be held from May 19th to 23rd2015 as part of the great international event staged at Fieramilano. This combines IPACK-IMA and its interrelated exhibitions as well as Intralogistica Italia, Converflex and Grafitalia. The event will be held in conjunction with the Milan EXPO 2015, which will occupy the area adjacent to the exhibition center during the 2015 edition of Meat Tech.

Assica has about 180 member companies including some of the premier brands in Italy’s cured meat industry. Cured meat plays a crucial role in the Italian food market with total revenues reaching € 7,951 million in 2011.

Ipack-Ima spa is the leading exhibition organizer in Italy and one of the most important worldwide in the field of instrumental mechanics for packaging and processing. It is a one-stop-shop exhibition partner offering a far-sighted strategic vision and operating skilfully both in the domestic and global market. Ipack-Ima spa does not just take care of logistics but also supports companies in every organizational step, thus ensuring a successful participation.

ASSICA – Industrial Association for Meat and Cured Meats. It is a national trade association part of Confindustria representing companies involved in butchering and processing pork meat. Within its institutional purpose, ASSICA’s activities span across different fields including the definition of shared economic policies for the industry, support and information services for the about 180 members in connection to economic, commercial, hygiene, technical, regulatory, legal and labour issues. Competence, proactive attitude and professional reliability are ensured by specialized partners and supported by ASSICA’s membership in different organizations, both in Italy and in the EU. Ever since its foundation in 1946, ASSICA has always distinguished itself for a strong associative spirit as shown by its membership in Confindustria, which it joined soon after foundation; Federalimentare, the Italian Federation of Food Industries, of which it is a founding member; Clitravi, a European Federation grouping National Associations of meat processing industries, which it contributed to founding in 1957.