Playtime and pizza at Chuck E. Cheese has gotten a lot cheaper. The brand hopes to attract families with kids for what it’s calling a “budget-friendly Summer of Fun” in 2024. That will include reduced game prices and an “enhanced Summer Fun Pass” that provides discounts of up to 50% on food and drinks.

It’s not summertime yet, but the promotion kicked off on April 30 and runs all the way through Labor Day.

At participating Chuck E. Cheese locations, every game now costs just one “play point,” significantly reducing the cost of play while many family-friendly pizzerias are raising their menu prices to keep up with inflation. Previously, games ranged from one to four play points each. Additionally, the chain’s website offers coupons for five free games.

With the Summer Fun Pass, families can enjoy two months of unlimited visits, 40-250 games each day, discounts of up to 50% off on most food and drinks, and additional bonus passholder perks. Prices start at just $44.99 per family when purchased online.

In a statement, Mark Kupferman said the promotion “prioritizes affordability for all families.”

“We’ve pulled out all the stops to ensure our 2024 Summer Fun Pass is affordable to all our guests,” Kupferman added. “In a recent survey, 73% of consumers expressed concerns about finding affordable, wholesome family entertainment options this year. Yet 90% indicated that more affordable choices would enable them to spend increased quality time together enjoying themselves. Our new Summer Fun Pass program addresses these concerns, allowing parents to simply let their kids be kids.”

The 2024 Summer Fun Pass has three tiers that include the following perks:

Bronze Pass: Two months of unlimited visits, 40 games per day, 20% discount on most food and drinks and a 20% discount on extra gameplay, plus surprise bonus perks.

Silver Pass: Two months of unlimited visits, 100 games per day, 30% discount on most food & drinks and 30% discount on extra gameplay, plus surprise bonus perks.

Gold Pass: Two months of unlimited visits, 250 games per day, 50% discount on most food & drinks and 50% discount on extra gameplay, plus surprise bonus perks.

Chuck E. Cheese says it has invested more than $300 million in remodeling its Fun Centers. These renovations include a more vibrant décor, modern furniture, interactive multimedia experiences for kids, an expanded selection of games and revamped dining options. 

Seventy-five percent of the brand’s locations have already been remodeled, and all centers are scheduled for completion by year’s end.