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“The buffet at Larry’s Pizza at Plainfield and Fuller avenues NE works a little differently from others.
After an initial trip through the line, customers head to their tables to dig in — and they don’t get up again.
That’s because the servers at Larry’s continually come around with pans of traditional pizza combinations, one of the 21 specialty pizzas or eight dessert pizzas, offering slices to customers.
And they come back again and again and again.
‘We call it the lazy man’s buffet,’ said Steve Nortier, one of the owners of the venture, which is an Arkansas-based franchise with 20 locations.
Nortier moved to Grand Rapids in 2005 from Arkansas, where he owned his own advertising and marketing business. But he said he missed the Larry’s chain and pledged to open one here.
He started proposing the venture to his friends, John and Angie Wildeboer, of Rockford. He and John even flew down to see the restaurants first-hand.
‘Only one trip convinced me,’ said Wildeboer, 64, a former salesman in the tool and die industry. ‘We went in the place at 11 in the morning on a weekday and people were standing in line, waiting to get in.’
The sit-down buffet format is what intrigued him, he said.
‘At a buffet, people usually take more than they can eat because they don’t want to get up again,†he said. “When we have the wait-staff bring it to the table, there’s not nearly the waste.'”

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