Area eatery offers best gourmet pizza in America

According to a news report from, “Looking for a career change Dave Smith and his wife Marlene of Emporium took the chance and purchased a local pizza shop. Little did the Smith’s know that this new venture would lead to much bigger and better opportunities. “It was literally a spur of the moment decision,” Dave said. “I spent 17 years at the same factory and after a bad day at work, I decided I wanted a change.”

“Pizza Palace Plus has now been in business for eight years. Since then Smith has traveled all across the country and abroad to a variety of pizza competitions. As a result, his success in the competitions has secured him a spot on the U.S. Pizza Team,” said the story. “In September Smith blew away the judges with his Cajun Chicken Pizza at the American Pizza Championship (APC) in Orlando, FL. At the competition, which is sponsored by Pizza Marketing Quarterly (PMQ), Smith beat the undefeated APC Champion and was crowned “Best Pizza Maker in America.”At the competitions its a matter of standing in front of hundreds of people,” Smith noted. “Everyone is very supportive of each other.” With this win, Smith advanced to America’s Plate Competition at PMQ’s New York Pizza Show held in March. Smith claimed fifth place at the event where he competed against participants from seven other countries for the title of World’s Best Pizza Maker.”

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