According to a news report from, “There was a time when a younger, considerably thinner version of me made regular pilgrimages to Uno, or to my other favorite, Lou Malnati’s. (This makes sense, as the two pizzerias have a common history–Rudy Malnati, Lou’s father, managed Pizzeria Uno in its formative years.) My wife and I held our wedding rehearsal dinner at the Lincolnwood Lou Malnati’s.”

“But I sat down to lunch recently at Pizzeria Uno, and couldn’t help wondering if deep-dish might be on the wane. For one thing, the dining room wasn’t filled with local business types, as I remembered the Uno’s crowd, but with scads of visitors, happily taking camera phone snapshots of the dining room and themselves and debating where to head next–the Water Tower or The Bean? For another thing, it seems as though all the pizza action is happening at the thin-crust level, including the most recent wave of restaurants touting Neapolitan pizza popping up around the Chicago area,” said the story. “And I thought: Could the deep-dish pizza be in danger of becoming the Wendella boats of Chicago cuisine–steeped in history, but enjoyed primarily by tourists?”

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