Ar-R-R-Rg, Cheese Lady Be Tying the Knot: Wisconsin Native Using Cheese to Celebrate Nuptials

According to a press release, On July 4, near the shore of Lake Michigan, Sarah Kaufmann, “The Cheese Lady,” will marry Bill Parry in an outdoor ceremony in Manitowoc, Wisc.
Sarah Kaufmann, born and raised in Manitowoc, is better known as Sarah “The Cheese Lady,” a nationally- recognized cheese sculptor. She has carved hundreds of commissions across the globe including several dozen wedding requests.
Sarah met Bill, a retired U.S. Naval officer, while traveling to San Diego to present a 600 pound, six-foot-long USS Ronald Reagan cheese carving at the home-porting ceremony. “We met because of cheese and everything we do is because of cheese,” Sarah says as she explains her wedding plans.
Sarah and Bill will host a pirate-themed wedding, complete with a 32-foot long ship, christened the MV (Matrimonial Vessel) Cheese Lady near the banks of Lake Michigan. Guests received their cheese carving illustrated invitations via messages in glass bottles and have been instructed to attend in full costume. On the wedding day, yellow flags with blue anchors announcing “Love Anchored in Cheese” will fly from the ship’s yardarm and decorate the tents. “Even our wedding rings are designed to look like cheese – bands of gold with cheese dimples and holes!” exclaimed Sarah.
In true “Cheese Lady” fashion, Sarah has ensured her favorite food will be fully incorporated. Sarah will create a Jolly Roger cheese carving for the appetizer table; Bill will cut out cheese hearts of Pepper Jack, his favorite, and gold “dubbloon coin” circles of yellow cheddar. There will also be a Wisconsin artisan cheese tray, made by Sara Hill of the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.
The “Supper for the Crew” menu created by Linda Miller and provided by Jim Vnuk of All Occasion Catering in Manitowoc, will consist of whole turkey legs roasted pirate style, roast pork with sauerkraut, corn on the cob, summertime garden fresh salad, chunky fruit salad, carrot cake with Jolly Roger flag art and Cedar Crest ice cream with Wisconsin summer berries and chocolate fudge sauce. Beverages will include lemonade (with or without grog!), Wisconsin microbrews, Wisconsin old-fashioneds, Captain Morgan spiced rum, and other assorted spirits. “And Limes! So we don’t get scurvy,” Sarah added.
In full pirate garb, surrounded by friends, family and cheese, Sarah and Bill won’t need to “Say Cheese” to keep smiles on their faces.
About Sarah “The Cheese Lady” -Sarah “The Cheese Lady” is a nationally recognized cheese sculptor. Since 1996, she has received hundreds of commissions for her cheese creations, which have captured countless media impressions. Kaufmann creates some sculptures in her studios in Cincinnati and San Diego and also appears in person to sculpt cheese at a variety of venues: food & wine festivals, supermarkets, tradeshows, state fairs, sporting events, civic celebrations and other special occasions. Some sculptures can be viewed by visiting .