April in Paris? Oui! And It’s for Free!

April in Paris? Oui! And It’s for Free!

NEW YORK, Sept. 17 /PRNewswire/ — The makers of Boursin(R) — that delicate, creamy French Gournay cheese — has been very busy this 50th Anniversary year. During October, one lucky purchase will win “A Trip To Paris.” Look for the bright-bold red and yellow banner, with illustration of the Eiffel tower on front panel of Garlic & Fine Herbs, Fig Raisin & Nut, Pepper and Shallot & Chive varieties. One package will hold that golden Grand Prize sticker with winning trip-4 nights at a three-star hotel including airfare and daily $400 allowance. 1,500 First Prize recipients will receive a beautifully photographed 50th anniversary cookbook. Inside package panel also contains a generous $1.50 savings coupon.

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This celebratory year will feature a limited edition holiday flavor, Apple, Cranberry & Cinnamon, available October through December. A classic Boursin, studded with apple chunks, cranberries and cinnamon, it’s perfectly suited to festive cheese platters and many recipes. Come 2008, look for a new concept called “Toppers”: bite-sized nuggets of Garlic & Fine Herbs cheese in convenient, re-sealable (recyclable) canisters.

Most of us need little incentive to enjoy this delectable fromage frais (fresh cheese), created in 1957 by Normandy cheesemaker Francois Boursin. Served simply on a baguette, it also adds special flair to any dish. For those ready to stock the refrigerator, here are some simple, every day uses:

      -- Swirl into hot or chilled soups for rich seasoning.
-- Add to omelets, scrambled eggs and frittatas.
-- Roll up in seared, thin chicken cutlets, finish cooking in oven
until cheese melts.
-- Toss with hot vegetables for instant sauce.
-- Add to hot pasta tossed with grilled shrimp, scallops or chicken
and favorite vegetable.
-- Use Boursin Apple Cranberry & Cinnamon as a spread for corn or
other sweet breads/muffins.
-- Spread Apple Cranberry & Cinnamon on sandwiches made with leftover
ham or roast chicken.
-- Create homemade pizza: on French bread, combine mushrooms, cooked
crumbled sausage; sprinkle with Toppers before baking.
-- Crown baked potatoes when piping hot-Boursin cheese melts