(Press Release) Adelphi, MD, May 29, 201-appsbar.com has recognized “Ledo Pizza” as the appsbar App of the Day because their app and their pizza is square, just like Digi’s head.

This iconic app for a pizza chain brings Digi back to his days on the University of Maryland campus, where, as a young robot he would order square pies in between Terps home games.

The app builder tells appsbar.com the reason for the app is simple: “Order your a pizza, get deals, make a reservations, and more all at Ledo Pizza.”

Where the app can be downloaded for free:
Google Play

Why Digi likes it:
Restaurants have found appsbar the fastest way to build an app. Ledo Pizza did an excellent job of using appsbar’s tools to build in functions that let hungry customers order their pies right from their phone. Ledo Pizza also built in menus, maps, videos, and for the curious, an “About Us” section. Made with appsbar, this app was free to make using appsbar’s iPhone app builder, Windows app builder or Android app builder, and even better, it’s free to download.

How anyone can make an app:
Simply join the community with an email address and get started on an app. Digi, our loveable robot app coach, is there to help at each step.

About appsbar:
http://www.appsbar.com was launched in 2011 to fill the gap between over-simplified apps and costly, professionally-produced apps. appsbar.com apps each average 500 to 1,000 downloads within the first day of being published. In 2012, appsbar became the leading developer of Android apps with more than 10,000 published. appsbar was developed by Appsbar Inc., a company founded by Scott Hirsch. appsbar has grown to a community of everyday app developers and opened the way for businesses and people to engage with friends and brands online through the development of customizable digital tools. For company contact information and partnership opportunities, visit http://www.appsbar.com

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