Anne Hathaway: ‘From Prada to Pizza Girl’

According to, “From Prada to pizza girl?  According to message board posters on, several cast members of the Shakespeare in the Park production of Twelfth Night, including star Anne Hathaway, delivered pizza at 3 am to fans waiting in line in Central Park to get free tickets to the show’s last performance Sunday.  According to the website, people started lining up in the park before 10 pm last night, prepared to wait all night–despite thunderstorms–to get tickets to the show.”

“Tickets for all Shakespeare in the Park performances, which is put on by the Public Theater in Central Park at the Delacorte, are free and distributed beginning at 1 pm.  This summer’s production of Twelfth Night, however, has been a critical and audience hit, thanks in no part to Hathaway’s celebrity wattage.  Lines have been exceptionally long to get tickets for the show.  The footpath entrance to the Delacorte typically is on 81st St.  Reports on Broadwayworld were that the line stretched around 90th St. as early as 3:30 am.  The message board posters seemed happy to wait, even while storms hit the city around midnight, and were delighted when cast members, including Hathaway and costar Raul Esparza, hit the line with boxes of pizza and served them to the waiting fans.  And they did it at 3 in the morning.  That’s a pretty cool thing for a celebrity to do.”

“The final performance of Twelfth Night will be tonight at Central Park’s Delacorte Theatre at 8 pm.  Hathaway recently joined the cast of Hollywood’s latest ensemble romantic comedy Valentine’s Day  alongside Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Ashton Kutcher, Bradley Cooper, Shirley MacLaine, Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane, and Emma Roberts,” the story said.