Anna's Pizza & Pasta bakes pizza around-clock to benefit homeless

Anna's Pizza & Pasta of Winnebago, Illinois has created an amazing fundraiser that may have never been done before. Owner, Brian Weavel and employee Jonah Nail will be opening Anna's Pizza & Pasta early and making pizzas for 24 hours straight on January 3, starting at noon, to raise awareness of the homeless in the Rockford, Illinois area. Breakfast Pizzas will be available after midnight through noon on Sunday, January 4. Ten percent of all sales in that 24 hour period will be donated to the Rockford Rescue Mission. Anna's is also asking for monetary sponsorship of Brian and Jonah, which will also be 100 percent donated to the Rockford Rescue Mission.  Anna's is planning on sending pizzas to the Rockford Rescue Mission that evening.
Monetary Donations can be sent to Anna's Pizza & Pasta, 101 S. Benton St., Winnebago, IL 61088 (please write in the memo section-Donation to Rockford Rescue Mission.  Visit Anna's on Facebook at Anna's Pizza, Winnebago,lL for updates.  If you have questions, contact Brian Weavel at (815)543-1065 or email him at