According to a news report from, “Not everyone is listening to doom and gloom about Michigan’s economy, especially not Pizza House owners, brothers Dennis and Matt Tice, who recently doubled the size of their restaurant at 618 Church Street in Ann Arbor.”

“Our customers actually made the decision for us,” said Dennis. “We simply needed more space, and we were losing too many people, 50 to 80 people each week night alone and more on weekends, who didn’t want to wait for as long as an hour or more to be seated.” The Tice brothers opened their first pizzeria in 1986, in an adjacent house on Church Street, which featured pizza deliveries and had seating capacity for only 20 customers,” said the story. “In 1998, they moved across an adjacent parking lot to another building to open the 235-seat Pizza House. This year’s latest renovation and expansion now offers seating capacity for 450, six private dining rooms, 20 plasma TVs, a larger bar and waiting area along with more behind-the-scenes storage space and a new prep kitchen.”

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