ALEXANDRIA, VA – The National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) applauds America’s craft breweries as the country celebrates American Craft Beer Week.  NBWA welcomes members of the Brewers Association – which is comprised of 992 brewery members – to America’s capital city as they celebrate America’s beverage, beer.  In honor of American Craft Beer Week, craft breweries across the United States are opening their doors for tours to the public this week so Americans can get a taste of the wide variety of malt beverages brewed and distributed from coast to coast. 
“Craft brewers are a vital part and a growing segment of the beer industry in the U.S.,” said NBWA President Craig Purser.  “Last year, craft beer saw sales explode with 11.7 percent growth. This shows how much Americans of legal drinking age enjoy exploring a wide selection of flavors and variety of brands of beer.”
More than 13,000 brands of beer are available in the U.S., and beer distributors provide those labels a vehicle to market and provide consumers with the choice they desire at a great value. Distributors deliver beer from a wide variety of brewers, both domestic and international, unlocking the market for new beer brands, small breweries and innovative beverages.  Specifically, beer distributors help craft brewers grow and compete by providing the infrastructure small brewers need to reach a wide network of retailers. 
“Consumers benefit by having the choice between the largest international brands and the smallest local brands all on the same store shelf, restaurant list and bar tap,” said Purser.  “Because of the economic efficiencies of the distribution system, retailers are able to offer hundreds of choices at a great value.”
America’s beer distributors operate within state regulations, and they work to collect taxes, maintain a fair marketplace, prevent abuse and ensure the product is distributed and sold in a responsible way to those of legal drinking age.

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