A new poll of 5,000 people—or 100 from each U.S state—found that the average American eats pizza three times in a given month. With respondents estimating they were capable of eating five slices at a time, the study concluded that, on average, Americans might eat up to 180 slices in a single year.

If there were any doubt how much Americans love pizza, the poll further solidified that position: 74% of those polled said they would be satisfied eating pizza for any meal of the day. Another stat that may perk up an independent pizzeria operator’s ears: 69% said they would eat pizza for breakfast, and 25% said they love pizza so much that they would serve it at their wedding. The stats seem to suggest a real possibility that the breakfast daypart could be profitable and that a catering program might be a worthwhile venture.

The study, commissioned by Amazon Fresh, conducted by OnePoll and covered by the New York Post, asked a series of other questions, from people’s favorite toppings to how they prefer to consume pizza.

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Other key findings included that more Americans prefer frozen pizza (30%) over eating fresh pizza in a restaurant (26%) or delivery pizza (16%). Pizza was said to be regularly eaten for celebrations or even occasions like Friday nights (64%), movie nights (64%) and graduations (57%).

A map showing the most popular pizza toppings broken down by state.

Credit: SWNS.

Respondents were also polled on their shape, crust and topping preferences. Most preferred a circular pie (65%), tomato sauce (61%) and a thick crust (32%). The most popular toppings included mozzarella (59%), pepperoni (51%), sausage (42%), mushrooms (37%) and Parmesan (37%).

Eaters also sounded off on their least favorite toppings, which included avocado (39%), eggplant (36%), pineapple (27%), and fried chicken (26%).

Certain states stood out as having more residents who prefer eating pizza with a fork and knife. Those states had almost no discernible geographic relationship: Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Missouri, Ohio and Utah were home to those preferring to eat with a fork and knife. New Hampshire, on the other hand, had the most respondents who preferred to eat pizza as a takeout item.

“Pizza is an American staple, and it’s no surprise that people prefer so many different variations of the delicious meal,” said Melodie Beal, head of culinary product development at Amazon Fresh Private Brands. “We aid in that search for the perfect pizza by offering a wide selection of frozen pizzas, a rotating menu of fresh slices you can quickly grab or order ahead at the pizza counter, and all of the ingredients you’d need to make your own pizza online and in our stores.”

Beal added another stat that stood out to her, which was that 72% of those polled said they would likely get themselves a half-and-half pizza when they can’t decide which toppings to get. She saw that as a sign pointing toward how necessary innovation is in the pizza space in order to keep up with the competition.

“Gone are the days of the regular cheese slice,” Beal said. “It’s interesting how many people would prefer to get a half-and-half pizza pie because they crave more than one flavor or can’t come to a decision with friends or family members.”

Amazon Fresh is Amazon’s grocery subsidiary. The company has physical stores but also delivers groceries to consumers. Why is the company commissioning research regarding pizza-eating habits in the U.S.? Amazon Fresh has a dizzying number of frozen pies for sale.

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