American Metalcraft Puts Another Dent in the Hammered Product Line

According to a press release, those ball peen tools just keep hammerin’ away over at American Metalcraft.  This time they’ve been used to introduce new shallow Oval and Round Hammered Bowls.  Perfect for banquets, buffets, and family-style, there’s a size for everything from cornbread & biscuits to full entrée service like pasta bowls or shishkabobs & rice. 

Like the other hammered pieces in American Metalcraft’s line (all 29 of them!), these new bowls are manufactured from heavy-duty, dishwasher-safe, nickel-plated brass that is hand-pounded with a ball peen hammer.  No two pieces are alike.  Two oval sizes and three round sizes are available. 

For complete information on all American Metalcraft Hammered Products, including trays, bowls, wine buckets, stands, wine coolers, cocktail shakers, party tubs & punch bowls, order your 2009 catalog.  800-333-9133   American Metalcraft